"God Is Good" Click yellow linked songs to play them.

1.It's Gonna Be A Good Day  (With Video)
2. God Is Good  (With Video)
3. Jesus Is My Happiness
4. He Is So Much More
5. I Believe He Died For Me ( With Video)
6. Jesus Takes My Burdens Away
7. By Faith
8. You Can Move That Mountain
9. One Day
10. Once I Was Blind
11. Jesus Is The Answer
12. Everything Is Gonna Be Fine
13. When Jesus Heard My Prayer
14. She Found Jesus Alive
15.You Gotta Keep On Going
16. Jesus Put A Rainbow In My Heart
17. Filled With The Spirit
18. I'll Never Be Departed
19. Nothing's Too Good To Be True
20.Take Time

Michael's  CD's have been given "Triple A" ratings in the Singing News Magazine....

SGN Scoops Magazine 2003......
There aren't a lot of soloists out there anymore. Of course, not too many people have what it takes to
make a go of it as a soloist. Michael Bright isn't one of those people. Having met him off-stage, I can
honestly say that he's a down to earth, genuinely nice person. It's not a stage act.  Even if soloists
normally aren't your cup of tea, I encourage you to give Michael Bright a chance.
Allen Smith...Publisher & CEO SGN Scoops Magazine

Michael is not on a record label ,he has no booking agents, but his music has charted all
over the world.
Read more about Michael's testimony at the link on top of page "BIO"..


                                           Cd's $15.00 each
                                (Shipping is included in price)