I'm originally from Charleston, South Carolina. My original entry into the music field was secular
music. During this time I had the opportunity to stand side by side with many recording artist such
as; Conway Twitty, Ronnie McDowell, Sawyer Brown, Reba McEntire and I even had the rare
opportunity to stand side by side with Roy Acuff on the Grand Old Opry stage.

In 1991 my job caused me to relocate in Georgia. I wound up a rock's throw away from a little
country church. I thank God for a couple who came by my home one day and invited me to this
church. One morning at the altar, I left my sins behind me. I gave my life to my Lord and Savior,
Jesus Christ. I didn't stop singing after I got saved, but I did change the songs I was singing.

I was working a full-time job and singing for the Lord on weekends. My solo ministry continued on a
weekend basis for a year. Then, on October 4, 1995, my 32nd birthday, the company I worked for
decided to lay seven people off due to a management change. I was one of the seven. While
struggling with a decision as what to do with my life, I felt led to commit myself to sing full-time. I
got into my car and started driving. Whenever I passed a church, I stopped and told the pastor I had
a song to sing and a testimony to tell. On that day, I stopped at twenty-four churches. Seven booked
me for a service that day and eight more called me back before the week was up. I've been singing
full-time since.

I recorded a song "Take Time
For Jesus" which was released to gospel radio stations
nationally....The next thing I knew, I was booked in over 175 concerts a year....

and I give God all the Glory!

My concerts uplift the Lord in a unique way through different styles of Christian music such as;
Southern Gospel
Traditional Sound, Country Sound, Big Band Sound, 50's Sound and Praise &
Worship. Keep in mind, during the month of December I present Christmas Concerts.

This ministry has reached over a thousands souls, young and old. I would like the opportunity to
visit your church and share my testimony as well as worshiping our Lord in song. I have shared my
ministry at Camp Meetings, Homecomings, Revivals, Youth Camps, Senior Retreats, Prisons, Car
Shows and Indian Reservations. I travel no matter how far to any size church.. My favorite verse is
John 8:29 "For I will do those things that always please Him" If I follow this principle, I know my
Father will meet my every need.

I'm not signed up on a record label, I have no booking agents or producers, but my songs have
charted all over the world. See for yourself why God has blessed this ministry the way He has.
Please spend time in prayer to seek the Holy Spirit. If He so leads, then call and let us arrange a date
to Take Time and worship Jesus together.

Michael Bright